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“We chased them for miles I had tears in my eyes,

Through forest and moor as the clouds filled the sky,

The storm broke upon us with fury and flame,

Both hunters and hunted washed out in the rain.

’Stuart Adamson, The Storm

Painting in situ
The Three Sisters, Glencoe

Introduction to My Work

Capturing the likeness of a large lump of 500 million year old granite sitting like a well settled portrait subject should be easy. Yet the elusive light and atmosphere, the second to second changes of weather, make Scotland's landscape sometimes so ephemeral. A mountain shows a different face from one moment to the other and this is the same for an artist, a  walker, a climber, a local or a tourist.


Each of my paintings start at the source, the landscape, and it is from here that each one develops. They are not about process or formula but about interpretation of each landscape as it presents itself at that moment.


Born in Fort William in the west coast of Scotland I am naturally drawn to the light and atmosphere that Scotland and in particular, the Highlands, offer. I studied landscape and design at University. The affect light and atmosphere have on the landscape have always informed and influenced my work.




Landscape Gallery

Wildlife and Game  Gallery

"Capturing fleeting moments that will  inspire forever"


Let's chat about commissions, techniques or current exhibitions where original paintings can be viewed and bought.



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